The Embassy of the Republic of Mozambique in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg (BENELUX) and Permanent Representation to the European Union and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), established in 1985, has as

primary mission the representation of the State of Mozambique along the countries of accreditation, in the areas of politics, trade, economy and culture. In addition, it protects and safeguards the Mozambican communities living here.

The presence of Mozambique in this space reflects the historical character of the friendly and cooperative relations between the peoples, organizations and governments of the respective countries and the common desire to deepen and widen the scope of this cooperation, in the face of the challenge of fighting poverty and promoting sustainable development .

In this context, this website aims at providing an additional platform with up-to-date and relevant information about the reality of Mozambique. It gives information about the opportunities for those interested in investing or visit Mozambique and the services provided by the Embassy and relevant institutions in the country. The goal is to facilitate interaction with the public from the BENELUX, individuals as well as institutions, with a specific interest in Mozambique .

We'd like to dedicate a special message to the Mozambican community living, studying and working in the BENELUX. We hope the Mozambican community continues to play its role as ambassadors of the country, with abnegation, thus dignifying the image and prestige of Mozambique, and contributing in many different ways to the development of the country.

We hope the esteemed users and visitors of this page contribute in various ways to make the content even more useful, and to improve the quality and quantity of services and information provided.
All sections and members of the Embassy will be continuously at your disposal to complement and deepen the information provided on this website, and to answer any questions on specific issues. Thank you and enjoy the website.

Ana Nemba Uaiene
- Ambassador -

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